[ALTERNATIVE FREQUENCY 026] Sheila Chandra – ABoneCroneDrone 5


[ARTIST] Sheila Chandra
[TRACK] ABoneCroneDrone 5
[ALBUM] ABoneCroneDrone
[LABEL] Real World Records
[YEAR] 1996

“This album is the third in a trilogy for Real World. Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices was about the birth of an idea to explore the way in which vocal techniques could lead between each other, and how it would be possible to cross those boundaries within a single word or a single phrase.

“The Zen Kiss became a kind of flowering of that. So many people have asked me where the inspiration for the idea came from that, in a way, I’m going back to the land of the unborn on this album, the fallow point, in order to answer them. And also to the concept of the crone with the cauldron, to the cyclic and melting pot nature of everything within the cauldron. Of course, the crone represents the creator.

When you set up a structure like a drone, not only do you set up a cyclic principle but you also set up a melting pot because, in the very bones of the drone, if you like, are the harmonics which provide the inspiration for the melodies. Harmonics are magical things and are omnipresent on this album.”
-Sheila Chandra