[TRANSMISSION 089] Félix Blume – Horns in Fog pt. 1


[ARTIST] Félix Blume
[TRACK] Horns in Fog pt. 1
[ALBUM] Fog Horns
[LABEL] Discrepant

French sound artist Félix Blume keeps pushing the boundaries of field recordings for our enjoyment. Fog Horns captures the sounds of boat horns in Piraeus, Athens, the port city that serves some of the most important ferry routes in Greece.

The A side reveals a long track recorded during a fog horn concert. If those eighteen minutes sound tremendously real, the three tracks on the other side feel like a horror film. The warmth disappears to become cold ambiance, beautifully textured and enigmatic sounds take over. Horns are still heard, but they’re a different kind of horns. It seems that Félix Blume is playing with our perception, from bliss to horror.