[TRANSMISSION 156] Uwe Zahn, Porya Hatami, Darren McClure – theyll


[ARTIST] Uwe Zahn, Porya Hatami, Darren McClure
[TRACK] theyll
[ALBUM] ypsilon

“Ypsilon” is the second collaboration between Uwe Zahn (Germany), Porya Hatami (Iran) and Darren McClure (Japan) […] This new album incorporates more overtly melodic sequences and rhythmic elements to widen its horizon […] The inclusion of subdued beats adds a swing to the textural layers, and arpeggiated sequences imply rhythm and momentum. Other tracks remain blissfully ambient, taking time to unfold and breathe without any rhythmic framework. This balance between gentle propulsion and beatless soundscapes, melodic and ambient, lends the album a unique character and takes it into fresh new areas of experimentation for the trio.