[TRANSMISSION 090] Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression)


[ARTIST] Lost Souls Of Saturn/James Holden
[TRACK] The Awakening (James Holden’s Past Life Rave Regression)
[LABEL] R&S Records

“I believe in serendipity: if the universe presents you with something that seems right, you should go with it. When this record hit my desk was one of those moments. Recently I’d been thinking a lot about rave utopias, the pan-global fantasy painted by the early days of Future Sound Of London etc, and listening to LSOS’s Jodorowskian ceremonials I felt like they’d caught the same winds. And so, although I thought I’d finished doing remixes for this lifetime, here it is; some kind of dream of a memory of a rave.”