[TRANSMISSION 066] Erik Wøllo – Ody at Sea


[ARTIST] Erik Wøllo
[TRACK] Ody at Sea
[ALBUM] Sources
[LABEL] Smalltown Supersound

[TRANSMISSION 066] “Comprised of 10 previously unreleased tracks, Sources was originally recorded surrounding the album sessions that spun Dreams Of Pyramids (1984), Traces (1985), and Silver Beach (1986). ‘I am very happy that the album feels like one whole. I do not often look back, and I rarely listen to my own releases after they are released,’ says Wøllo. ‘Sometimes I get positively surprised discovering new aspects of my older material. This is music made on impulse and with an eagerness to create, and not so much a big thought about releasing the material. At least this is the way I remember it.'”