[TRANSMISSION 055] Forest Management – Blue Leaves


[ARTIST] Forest Management
[TRACK] Blue Leaves
[ALBUM] Passageways
[LABEL] Whited Sepulchre Records

[TRANSMISSION 055] “Passageways is a record about my childhood home. The ‘passageways’, in this case, are partially referring to hallways.

“I grew up in a unique environment – a quiet and secluded 3-story apartment building in the west suburbs of Cleveland. My parents managed the building so our family had two apartments, eventually right next to each other. As a young kid I would adventure around the apartment building and its surrounding property, thick woods and greenery were behind the building and felt like an endless backyard. I attribute much of my early imagination and creativity to this place.

“My folks will be moving away in the next few years as my Dad plans to retire, so I’m planning on leaving a copy of the record with the building, hidden somewhere. I had lived in that building since I was 4 years old – the idea of your home no longer being there is strange, but change is necessary. This home was simply a “passageway” into the life that I live now- I believe it was instrumental in becoming an artist.

“This is my folk record in a way. It is not musically obvious, but more in terms of how I approached the writing: A sense of sentimentality about home, about a place and time.”